Our Components: Vocation

Mira’s Vocation Program offers individuals opportunities to gain and maintain employment on a volunteer basis. Our Vocation Program helps you discover what kind of jobs you will enjoy and be good at. Volunteering helps you learn the skills needed, helps you with your resume, helps you learn how to speak with a potential employer, and teaches you about how to have a successful interview. Once a volunteer placement is found for you, Mira’s trained staff will assist you in getting to your job, and help to educate you about proper work clothing and appropriate behavior during your volunteer shift.

Some examples of where our individuals have worked are:

  • Shepherd’s Care
  • Doggy Daycare
  • Flaman Fitness
  • Safeway
  • Boston Pizza
  • World Health Club
  • The University of Alberta
  • Indigo Books
  • ACT Centre
  • Humpty’s Restaurant
  • The Edmonton Sun

After you have become comfortable completing your tasks, you will have the opportunity to try new tasks and take on additional responsibilities, resulting in increased employment independence.

This Guidebook is a 22 page guide full of tips and advice for when trying to decide where you want to work and how to go about getting that job. It covers information on understanding your skills and abilities, going through the application and interview process, and how to resign from your position. Also included are the following topics we have highlighted: