Day Program

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities. Our Day Program will provide opportunities for active engagement so that our Individuals learn the skills necessary to achieve their goals, while increasing their independence and confidence.

Our Day Program locations offer a large recreation & leisure area equipped with sports equipment, open common areas for socializing, access to learning resources including computers, iPads, books, puzzles & games and a full kitchen. Mira focuses on community involvement through recreational outings and volunteer placements. Our staff co-ordinate outings each day, based on the Individuals’ interests. We also offer several optional overnight field trips throughout the year.

Some of the highlights of our Day Program include:

  • Outcome-based programming
  • Opportunities to enhance and maintain levels of independence
  • Community access and opportunities for social inclusion
  • Specialized vocational placement opportunities
  • Carefully monitored medication administration
  • Opportunities for physical activity
  • Developmentally appropriate activities

More About Our Day Program

Individuals can take part in any combination of our 5 components!

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Our best advertising comes from our Individuals and their families

My daughter has been with Mira since the beginning……..need I say more? She has been there longer than she was in the school system…….she has NEVER once balked at going to the day program or anywhere else they may decide to go or do!!!!
Parent of an Individual in our Program