Our Mission Statement

Mira Facilitation Center provides tailored supports within a nurturing environment to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to strive towards goals that matter to them.

Our Vision

Every person at Mira Facilitation Center will have access to supports and resources needed to ensure success.

What Does Mira Mean?

The first pulsating star was discovered in 1662 and it was called MIRA, meaning “The Wonderful” or “The Amazing One”. It stands for perseverance, versatility, a progressive spirit and endurance in solving difficult problems.

What Makes Mira Different?

Mira provides opportunities for all of our individuals, by incorporating modern ideas into all of our activities and programs. We assist our individuals through a smooth transition from high school programming to our Day Program. Mira focuses on encouraging community involvement through job placements and social or recreational outings. Mira tries to help individuals find a balance between work and leisure.

Mira’s Objectives

Through the use of five major components (Education, Vocation, Independence, Recreation and Socialization), our objectives are to work with individuals to promote Independent Experiences, A Balanced & Healthy Quality of Life, and Community Involvement.