Residential Program

Adulthood brings new challenges for families concerned about the health and quality of life of a loved one with developmental disabilities. Mira’s Residential Program is an option for those Individuals who are already enrolled in our Day Program, and are ready to transition from the family home into an independent living environment. Our Residential Program works in conjunction with the components in our Day Program to ensure consistent and continued support for our Individuals’ developmental, physical, and emotional needs.

Individuals will learn self-value in increasing their initiatives in their household responsibilities, making informed choices, and having their own personal space. Mira’s Residential Staff provide our Individuals with opportunities to develop specific skills in areas such as shopping, fitness, nutrition and safety, as well as to participate in the community and gain practical experience in social situations.

Support Homes

If you are wondering about the difference between our “Support Home Program” and our “Residential Program”, please call us to learn more.

Support Homes provide supportive living in either a roommate or family-style home environment; whereas our Residential Program provides a Mira-staffed home environment, for adult Individuals who live independently, with some staff support.