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We have recently hosted two groups from Mira and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the visits.

On both visits the individuals really appeared to enjoy themselves and we had a lot of fun too. All of the aides that assisted on these two days were fantastic; both caring and involved. We would love to host more groups from your facility. If there is anything we can do or offer in the program that would benefit the group, please let us know.

Lori, Heritage Interpretor, Heritage House
I was very nervous about leaving David at Mira on his first day, only because we have had problems in the past with shyness and newness. On his first morning he walked in with ease, comfort and walked away from me right away. I was so happy and relieved. The staff are very welcoming and friendly.
Carol, Parent of an Individual in our Program
Mira is a very good community oriented program for the clients. Our daughter came into the program non-verbal and has over the past 10 years in Mira become more verbal and independent in many of her skills. She participated in the educational, vocational and recreational components of the program which are designed to promote independent living skills, volunteer work, fitness program (swimming, track, walking) and recreational activities (bowling, mini-golf and ACT Rock n’ Rundle dances.) This program enriched her quality of experiences, opportunities to socialize, broaden her vocabulary and help her with communication skills. Our daughter and her peers look forward to a monthly birthday party, ACT dances and Christmas party. Other Mira events clients can attend are camp, WEM trip, sleep over and Dance party. These staff supervised activities promote socialization as well as skill building. Mira can be proud of its accomplishments and success.
Mary Jane, Parent of an Individual in our Program
Email excerpt from Jeff of Edmonton Fire Service. Jeff and his team did a scheduled review of Mira’s Day Program facility and also our evacuation plan in November 2007.

….. helping the way we did last block, and seeing the smiles on the faces of all your students created a very powerful feeling within myself. I think I enjoyed it as much as you all did. Honestly I feel the work you and your colleagues do is just as, if not more amazing and respectful than my job.

Jeff, Edmonton Fire Service
Email excerpt from Migges, Assistant Executive Director of Nordegg’s Frontier lodge. Mira has attended this action adventure camp several times.

I must say that your group has been a great encouragement for me personally……Then you guys came with these joyful individuals and I had to learn a lesson from them: Real joy has nothing to do with good circumstances. Real joy comes from within and in spite of challenging circumstances.
I also started to ask myself who are the real “handicapped” people in this world. There are so many healthy, successful and rich people around that can buy fun toys and do fun things but deep inside they are truly “handicapped” because they do not have real joy in their life. When I looked at your guys they were happy and full of joy because they made it one foot off the ground, composed a “truly modern” song on the piano, just sat around a camp-fire or walked over a bridge. It seemed that simple! I know they have their struggles, too. And yet, I can and want to learn a lot from them.

Migges, Executive Director, Frontier Lodge
My daughter has been with Mira since the beginning……..need I say more? She has been there longer than she was in the school system…….she has NEVER once balked at going to the day program or anywhere else they may decide to go or do!!!!
Our daughter is MUCH more independent, and verbal since starting at Mira and we believe that she has a greater quality of life.
I was Mira’s Recreation Coordinator in 2013. My experiences at Mira were so valuable, and I will never forget them. The programs offered at Mira ensure success in many aspects of these Individuals’ lives. I saw first-hand various Individuals reach their goals and improve valuable qualities which will help them in their future endeavors. My experiences at Mira reinforced my goals of working with those who have developmental disabilities. I will be attending grad school in 2016 specializing in Disability Studies. I have never seen a program like Mira offers and was honored to be a part of the Mira family.
Brittany, Former Employee
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