The Components

Why these components?

Mira is a family-based service provider with roots dating back to 1995.  Our initial focus was on the 3 concepts of Friends, Family and Something to Do. Over time, our focus on “Something to Do” evolved into the 5 main components of our programming:  Education, Vocation, Independence, Recreation and Socialization.  Individuals may take part in some, or all of these 5 programming components.  All of our components work together to give our Individuals the most well-rounded experience possible, helping them to thrive every day.

Our components are:

  • Education
  • Vocation
  • Independence
  • Recreation
  • Socialization

Read on below for more information about each of the components.


Daily interactive classes encourage open discussions providing valuable learning interactions.

Current Events
Healthy Lifestyles
Career Development
Daily Life Skills


Provides volunteer opportunities, along with skill assessment.
Offers individuals opportunities to gain and maintain volunteer positions. The Vocation Program helps you discover what kind of jobs you will enjoy and be good at.


Mira will strive to help each person to increase their personal independence.
Learning personal information, meal preparation, safety in the community.


Providing individually focused activities with an emphasis on fitness and skill development.

Fitness Centers
Swimming Classes
Cooking Classes
Art Classes


Our individuals form and maintain friendships within our program - a valuable support system.
Socialization opportunities occur through individual focused outings and classes.

More About Our Components

Individuals can take part in any combination of our 5 components!

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Our best advertising comes from our Individuals and their families

Mira is a very good community oriented program for the clients. Our daughter came into the program non-verbal and has over the past 10 years in Mira become more verbal and independent in many of her skills.

She participated in the educational, vocational and recreational components of the program which are designed to promote independent living skills, volunteer work, fitness program (swimming, track, walking) and recreational activities (bowling, mini-golf and ACT Rock n’ Rundle dances.) This program enriched her quality of experiences, opportunities to socialize, broaden her vocabulary and help her with communication skills. Our daughter and her peers look forward to a monthly birthday party, ACT dances and Christmas party. Other Mira events clients can attend are camp, WEM trip, sleep over and Dance party.

These staff supervised activities promote socialization as well as skill building. Mira can be proud of its accomplishments and success.

Parent of an Individual in our Program